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Custom Applications

Williams Carburetors can custom build your carburetor for your application.

Whether you are racing on the street, the strip, or the oval, Williams Carburetors can build the carburetor for you. We offer special service for street rods, show cars and other special vehicles, where chroming, painting, and black tefloning is necessary. 

We build carburetors for any engine per spec. CFM range 900 to 1600 in the dominator, in the 4150 the CFM range from 600- 1010. We have various combinations of spacers for your particular application. Pricing runs anywhere $880.00-$1,080.00 for our common modified carburetor. Two barrel spec motor carburetors are about $770.00. Pro-Stock carburetors require a call for quote. We can build any size carburetor to your particular application within 10 days to two weeks. All Dominators come with our special billet boosters and billet metering blocks. All 4150's come with our billet metering blocks and billet base plate. We do offer a line of street carburetors that average around $695.00.

Common Carburetors:
    1100 CFM
    1200 CFM
    1300 CFM

New For 2011

Representing the cutting edge in carburetor technology, Williams Carburetors has introduced a new D-Shaped butterfly for faster airspeed, more power and more torque.

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