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Harley Twin Cam Modification

Gary Williams has transformed his experience in the car racing world to Harley Davidson twin cams using such things as small block Chevrolet pistons, small block Chevrolet rocker arm geometry and small block Chevrolet valves. We use Nascar exhaust port configurations, Pro-Stock car intake port configurations with a high-spiral fast burn combustion chamber. This combination in a 117 cubic inch motor will make a consistent 130hp and 140 torque with 30,000 mile no problem riding.

Shop Services

We are the only Harley Motorcycle shop in the country, bar-none, that has the capability of doing everything in-house. We don't just polish up your heads, we actually weld, reform, reshape and flowbench your heads. All machine work on your motor is done in-house including boring cases, transferring new cases to timken bearing conversion, truing, straightening and welding cranks. Williams replaces all guides from steel to bronze. All 3-angle, 5-angle, 7-angle and even 9-angle valve work is done in house.


We only use the finest parts made in your engine. We look for parts that are bullet-proof, such as valvetrain parts. Bobby Woods is a personal friend and a well respected valvetrain expert. I use Bobby's parts exclusively. His cams, time after time, make the most power and give me the most endurance. Bobby's new lifters are the best we have ever seen. I guarantee his valvesprings for the lifetime of your motor. This is unheard of in an air-cooled engine. With Bobby's experience and our time on the dyno, we have developed combinations that are unbelievable for a street driven Harley Davidson. We have one bike that has over 500 dyno pulls with no failures.

107 Dyno Sheet

We can also develop custom maps for special applications. We also have the capability of checking air in and exhaust out to determine throttle body butterfly size optimization. This tuning ability can not be replicated anywhere else in the midsouth. In addition, our shop has successfully completed the Power Commander technician training course at Dynojet Research.

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​117 Dyno Sheet

MTC Engineering. Williams Carburetors is a New Product Development Partner with MTC Engineering as well as a certified MTC Engineering Dealer. Williams Carburetors is an essential part of the new product development process for MTC Engineering and provides the dyno capabilities and experience that are needed to test new products in real world applications. Visit MTC Engineering. 

Dyno and Tuning. Williams Carburetors has the latest Dynojet equipment on the market. This includes the new Dynojet Model 250i Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module. Our DynoJet Power Commander Tuning Center can optimize the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle.

Harley Tuning

110 Dyno Sheet 

​Special Services

We receive bikes and motors from all over the United States. They are shipped to us by truck and/or trailer. We have engines in California, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida. These are big-inch motors that put alot of miles on with no problem. We have special oil combinations that we have developed with Amsoil that have been really great, less heat and more power.

Research and Development

Williams has performed extensive research and development testing for various racing companies. Worked with many performance exhaust manufacturers such as Hooker. Williams has an extensive background in oil products and has worked with Amsoil in the past. Williams has also completed R&D work for Speeds Performance.